Fresh noodle producing machine

Short Description:

Connection name: Intelligent fresh wet noodle production line

Connection model: MXSM-350

Product Detail

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Scope of application

Automatic production of dough sheet and dough flocculation multi-layer composite fresh wet noodle.

Process flow

Automatic powder supply-automatic salt water mixing, water supply-kneading-noodle floc maturation-flake composite calendering-noodle mat maturation-continuous calendering-strip forming-packaging

Product Highlights

1. New noodle making technology
The original noodle belt and noodle flocs are compounded and continuously calendered, and the noodle flocculation layer faces the inner side of the two noodles, so that the gluten network is better formed and has a sense of layering. The automatic roll aging for 30 minutes is followed by continuous calendering to form the fresh and wet noodles. Elastic, chewy and smoother.
2. High degree of automation:
The whole process is automatic production without manual intervention from the noodles output from the kneading machine to the packaging of the fresh and wet noodles.
3. Modular combination of production line:
The production line is composed of several functional modules, which can be freely matched according to customer needs and on-site layout, so that customers can have the most output while investing the lowest cost.
4. Excellent quality:
The detection elements are all high-quality brands at home and abroad, with high stability and long service life.

The main parameters

Maximum production capacity: 600kg/h
Width of pressure roller: 350mm;
Power: 35kw
Air source: 0.6-0.7Mpa
Floor area: 15m×2.5m=37.5m²

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